How much money does the school make?

This is a great question, and it is best answered when you speak to one of our sales
representatives. Each product has a different price point and a different payout structure, so your group's profits will depend on which product you use.

How long will our fundraiser last?

At Victory Fundraising, we believe strongly in having a fundraising process. Our groups on average carry out 7- to 10-day fundraisers, however some can run longer or shorter. Our focus is to help each group maintain control of its fundraiser, and we've found that the best way to control it and maximize profits for the school is to run it for a short period of time.

Do we get to choose the product we want to sell?

Our formula blends the right product with the right group during the right season. All of our offerings are tailored to that formula. We have found that certain products perform better than others at different times of the year, and also with different school groups. Through our experience, we can tell you that that the product you think you want might not be the one that will benefit your group the most. With Victory Fundraising, you can be confident that we will direct your group so it will reach its highest profit potential.